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Mickey Hargitay is Ringo Carson and Gordon Mitchell is Frank Sanders. Before3-COUPS-DE-WINCHESTER-POUR-RINGO the war they’d been friends and partners. The pair do jobs for money. They were hired by saloon owner Walcom(Amedeo Trilli, billed as Mike Moore) to rescue his daughter Jane(Milla Sannoner), being held for ransom by a group of Mexicans. It seems to be a regular occurrence as it’s mentioned this is the third attempt. When they hit the Mexican camp, Ringo, the better shot, provides cover fire while Sanders rescues Jane.

This sets up a triangle of sorts. Sanders is attracted to Jane, but she has her eye on Ringo. Dad doesn’t want to pay the agreed on fee, which Ringo had upped at the last moment and the two friends end up in a brief shoot-out, with Ringo and Chase shooting the guns out of their opponent’s hands.

images (2)The banker and the bad boy of the film, is Daniels(Ivano Staccioli, billed as John Heston). He forces Walcom to pay the two men. His thing is he’s after three pieces of land with gold on it that only he knows about.

Ringo and Chase end up fighting over the affections of Jane, Ringo winning, and the friendship ended. Chase rides off.

From that point, the film jumps a number of years to the last days of the war. Ringo and Jane had married, had a son(who looks about seven), and Ringo was sheriff of the town his father had founded. Mama Carson had reconciled(three years before the early events, she’d tossed him out for his money hungry ways). Now he was the only thing that kept Daniels at bay.

When Ringo forms a posse to go after marauding Rebs, he’s hurt rescuing a3 colpi di Winchester per Ringo [aka 3 Bullets for Ringo] (1966)_03 small boy from a burning house when a beam hits the back of his head. It costs him his sight. As he’s about to be killed, the Rebel leader, which happens to be old friend Frank Chase, stops them. They return him home where the doctor says his sight could return, possibly, after another head blow.

Chase, since Ringo is now blind, is offered the Sheriff’s job, which suits both Daniels and Walcom. Daniels still wants those three properties and Walcom wants his gun running to Mexico overlooked. Chase is given orders to get those three deeds.

But Mama Carson has her own plans. The other two land owners go into partnership with her, letting her hols the deeds to their land. She turns them over to Ringo who hides them, aided by his friend Tom(Spartaco Conversi, billed as Spean Convery).

8032807024189Mama is shot to death by three masked me sent to find the deeds when she surprises them, Jane and the blind Ringo are savagely beaten, Ringo receiving a number of boots to his head.

Guess what?

Correct, His sight starts returning just in time for him to go a revenge jag. His son is missing(granddad is hiding him from Daniels and Chase. Jane is under arrest. And Ringo and Tom are off plotting a way to rescue them.

Gordon Mitchell’s Frank Chase is a complex character. He wants to be a bad boy, but, though it’s been years since they partnered, he still has affection for Ringo. Oh, he wants Jane and makes his play, but will not force himself on her. Though he goes after Ringo and Tom, he won’t kill them and shows his true colors in the finale of the film.

A few thoughts:

Not a bad film, but a couple of curiosities.

This was the early days of the spaghetti western genre(even before itimages acquired that umbrella title). They seemed not quite have a handle on westerns yet. Generally right, but in the fight scenes, they bad boys, all of them, had a tendency to fan the triggers on their six guns. It was odd seeing a dozen men in a scene all fanning their triggers.

Another scene had a saddled horse in the back ground playing. At least that’s what it looked like. Getting down and rolling in the dirt, jumping up, getting back down, all while the actors did their parts in the foreground.

Emimmo Salvi durected from a script by Ambrogio Moltoni and Salvi, story by by James Wilde. Don’t think I’ve run across any of them in other films.