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Casey Kellogg and Al Krug are partners on the Santa Monica police25468863 department and as different as two men could be. Kruger, a cop more than twenty years, is old school, hardheaded when he gets an idea in his head. Kellogg is young, college educated, and willing to embrace new ideas.

The case they get is a man on a motorcycle hit by a car in an alley. They have two witnesses with differing stories. Rees calls it murder, saying the driver backed up over him a second time. Susannah says it’s simply hit and run and both have completely opposite descriptions of the car.

The body is unusual as well. The torso is completely wrapped in Saran Wrap and between that and the skin are 1500 crisp new twenty dollar bills. Which turn out be high class counterfeit.

As the two detectives get into the investigation, they learn Rees is an ex-con, just out of prison and in possession of a large amount of cash. Real cash. And the two witnesses hook up, further clouding things.

Krug believes Rees is part of whatever’s going. Kellogg wonders why he would report a murder if he was involved.

Then Susannah takes a header out of a tenth floor window.

Nicely plotted tale with a few twists along the way. BRASH BOOKS is the new publisher, bringing old crime back into print. Susannah Screaming is the second novel of three, the first which served as the source material for The Streets of San Francisco pilot.


downloadFrom 1993, this thriller introduced the world to Wyatt Storme, ex-Dallas Cowboy receiver, a man who walked away and lives a quiet life in Colorado. He’s in Missouri on a bow hunting trip when he stumbles onto a marijuana field and an attempt to kill him.

The bow hunter prevails though and when he reports the field to the county Sheriff, it sets off a chain of violent incidents.

The Sheriff is found murdered, his oafish opponent has a desire to create mayhem on Storms and his new friend bounty hunter and former CIA Chick Easton, the FBI and DEA are harassing them, and a hood with his class in everything in the county has his pet monster, a former NFL lineman and pro wrestler, tap dancing on Storme’s head. Oh, and of course, the new designer drug about to hit the market

Nicely written thriller that kept me page turning such that I finished it in a few hours.