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25482984Carl lived in the home he’d grown up in. One night he hears an impossible sound, one he didn’t recognize at first. Then it hit him. Pebbles off the window glass. Jesse used to do that back in high school.

Looking out, he found Jesse. But not Jesse. It was her, but she still believed it was 1976 and that she was seventeen. And Carl was eighteen.

Also Jesse’s short memory was messed up. She forgets fifteen minutes later. All she knew was that Carl was her boyfriend.

Things get further complicated when he finds she drowned several months back. At least everyone believed.

What I liked here were the twists sprinkled throughout. Kept me reading and figuring. What good fiction should a always do.


Peter Bragg heads back to old stomping grounds in Seattle when an old friend25204226 he’s known since high school asks for help.

A free lance writer, Benny is getting phone messages warning him to leave town. Not sure why, his stories never seem to have anything controversial in them.

But his brakes have been cut, shots fired at him that killed an innocent bystander. after Bragg arrived, someone tries to kidnap Benny’s two sons walking home from school. Bragg manages to stop that one, but later gets his own call to butt out, followed by a savage beating.

And Bragg’s ex-wife pops in and seems intent on resuming their relationship.

Dealing with her and suspects that may have possibilities, it’s obvious he’s getting close.

I believe this was the last Bragg Novel from the late author. A shame.

BRASH BOOKS is doing a great service to crime readers reprinting these and other older novels.