Jonas Ward was a pseudonym used by mystery writer William Ard for his  Buchanan series, some tw4520686enty-five titles, though he may not have written some of the latter entries.

Tom Buchanan came looking to help his friend old Mousetrap Mulligan, a man he’d grubs take without any thought of getting repaid.

But the old man had made the big strike. Unfortunately he liked to drink and when he did, he talked. Oh he never gave out the location, but folks were already scheming to get it.

Then the old man was killed and Buchanan was stuck with only two kids on his side: seventeen year old Nora, old Mousetrap’s granddaughter and eighteen year old Billy Budd. Twould kids to young to even figure out they were in love.

Opposing them were three groups: a bunch from town, old Desiderate and his Apaches, and the bandit mana zo and his gang.

It didn’t look good.

A pretty good western