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One thing I always have been bothered by while watching these many spaghetti westerns MV5BNjgxNTQwOTMyOF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNjkwOTUyMQ@@._V1_SY317_CR4,0,214,317_AL_over the last few years is the voices used in the English dubbed versions. So many American actors, the voices you know so well, that have these weird sounds spouting English. A couple here. Lee Van Cleef always did his parts in English(dubbed in the original Italian one presumes), but actors Richard Boone and Jack Palance were dubbed with passingly strange voices.

This film came late in the spaghetti genre and all the major actors were late in their careers as well, a bit long in the tooth. Except Sibyl Danning. She still looked great.

Van Cleef plays twin brothers, John and Lewis. As boys, their father taught them how to use the short gun. Both were quite good, though John was faster on the draw. Then a strange thing happened. John turned away from the gun and became a priest. Lewis was a gambler, then killed a man he caught cheating at cards when the man tried to shòot him with a derringer. Four more died trying to avenge the first death. Father John talks his brother into giving up the gun and Lewis goes into Mexico and starts a family. John keeps the gun in trust for him.

Leif Garrett is young Johnny, Sibyl Danning Jenny, his mother. She runs the 711GEvJbAaL._SY679_local saloon. Johnny worships Father John, helping him at the church. He finds Lewis’s gun and the Father says Lewis lives somewhere in Mexico.

Jack Palance is Clayton, who, along with his nephews, rob a string of banks. They hit town to celebrate and the brother murders a man with a knife in the back. They take off.

Here’s where things get odd.

Father John takes off after them. Not a very alert bunch. Only one guard while they sleep, it allows Father John, after knocking out the guard, and apologizing to God, to slip into their camp where they have all their guns conveniently in piles so he can spirit them away.

The nephew is returned to town where a swift trial and a hanging is promised. Except Clayton breaks him out, takes over the town, and Father John is killed.

The next oddity. Johnny takes Lewis’s gun and goes looking for him. Though he only knows GGa_zps5a510687somewhere in Mexico, in two days he finds Lewis. The murder of Father John has struck Johnny dumb and he has to draw a picture to make himself understood.

Lewis and Johnny head back, Lewis with revenge on his mind. But he decides not to use a gun, pretending to be the ghost of Father John and getting the gang scared and knocking each other off.

And the third strange thing I won’t mention other than that it involves Clayton, Johnny, and his mother Jenny.

About a C-.