Clay Randall was a pseudonym used by mystery writer Clifton Adams.25505941

Amos Flagg was sheriff of a small county in the Texas panhandle, based in a small town called Academy. With a permanent population of 400 that swelled when the trail herds stopped off for rest, recreation, and restocking, it was busy at those times es

Headed his way was a man he hadn’t seen in twenty years, a man just released from prison. Gunner Flagg was his father, now sixty, long having abandoned Amos and his mother a third of his life spent in prison.

Amos hated him and didn’t want him around, but as a lawman who to his job seriously, he couldn’t force him to leave.

Gunner had a plan, all that money sithing in the bank and had convinced a couple of killers to throw in with him. One coward was already dead, goaded into a gun fight he didn’t have a prayer of winning.

But Amos wasn’t going to allow it to happen. Father or no.

Pretty good western.