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$T2eC16NHJGQFFh3rULC-BSZube4hZQ--60_35Spaghetti western icon Giuliano Gemma played another icon in this western very late in the spaghetti genre. Tex Willer was an Italian comic character first appearing in 1948. It was Italy’s take on the western genre. Tex was the most popular comic translated into over thirty languages, never English as far as I’ve been able to determine.

Tex Willer was a tough minded, though ethical character who lived in Arizona, while being a Texas ranger(I just report them, I don’t explain them. He defended Indians, married a Navajo woman, eventually becoming a chief. He also protected the innocent of all types of people. He’s been given the name of Night Eagle and wears almost a superhero emblem on his buckskin shirt: a white circle with a black eagle silhouette in the middle.

As the movie opens, Tex and his Navajo friend Tiger Jack(Carlo Mucari) find a300px-TEX2 murdered Navajo, left to rot on open ground. While Tiger buries the fellow, Tex rides ahead following the trail of two men on horseback with a wagon. It doesn’t take long before he finds two old enemies selling liquor to the Navajo. Tex had warned them about that and they paid with their lives.

Shortly, an old friend comes looking for Tex. A fellow Ranger named Kit Carson(no, not that one) played by spaghetti vet William Berger. He wants Tex to help find an army shipment, 300 rifles, stolen while being shipped. It was led by an old friend of the two men. Tex, along with Tiger Jack, set out with Carson to see what they can find. What they locate is the ambush site and men mummified in some sort of manner. Tiger finds a medallion of some type of animal lying at the site.

images (1)A sheriff in town recognizes it as belonging to an Indian that worked for the shipper, Bedford(Frank Braña) and interestingly enough he’d had a number of shipments taken in the last few months. All army stuff, weapons.

A fast shoot out and a gruesome death follow as they witness the mummifying process, which takes all of about thirty seconds. The Indiam they were looking for uses a blow gun to do the deed.

Therre’s a mystery here. Deep in Mexican mountains, a forbidden region, live a number of tribes, all descended from the Aztecs. They live peacefully, but one tribe has the idea of reuniting them all and slaughtering anybody with Spanish blood. Or white blood for that matter. There’s a princessimages

TEX-O-PISTOLEIRO1 that doesn’t seem to have a lot to do either. But look good. They worship the Lord of the Abyss and get the mummifying weapon from him, a bit of volcanic rock.

An interesting film with a bit of magic thrown in and a character I was entirely unfamiliar with. The trailer below(one must click through to watch it on Youtube) has som of the artwork interspersed in the scenes.