Spaghetti vet Gianni Garko plays a character that’s polar opposite his mostSpiritoSanto_Poster_Big famous role: that of the gunman Sartana. Where Sartana was always in black, Spirito Santo/ Holy Ghost appears wearing white, even to a cape, rides a white horse, and even has a white dove he calls Eagle. At times in the film, director Giuliano Carnimeo(billed as Anthony Ascott) reinforces the notion that he might be a real ghost. He seems to pop in and out at odd times, appearing suddenly to commit a little violence, then fading from the scene just as quick.

The latest “liberator” of Mexico has taken over and, as usual in these cases, he’s more interested in lining his pockets. General Ubarte(Poldo Bendandi) is his name and he’s setting in the middle of an impregnable fort where a fortune in gold is hidden. The Holy Ghost is looking for it. He had a map won in a poker game, then the loser tried to kill him. Unfortunately a bullet managed to blow out the map where the gold was marked.

Sam_4158Holy Ghost is looking for another fellow, Samuel Crow(Paolo Gozlino, billed asPaul Stephens), that may know where the gold is hidden, then the engineer who designed the fort, now a prisoner of Ubarte. He falls into the revolution when he rescues the deposed president Don Firmino(Georeg Rigaud) and his beautiful daughter Juana(Pilar Velázquez), a benevolent pair interested in freeing Mexico.

imagesThe Holy Ghost has a sidekick, Chicken(Cris Huerta), a big bluff man with religious leanings. He can fight though. Another spaghetti “face,” Nello Pazzafini, plays a Colonel.

This film came out at a time when the spaghetti western genre had recived a bit of revitalization with the comedy of the Trinity films. This one had a fair amount of comedy mixed within the usual spaghetti violence. The film has the usual assortment of odd weapons, a small machine gun for the Holy Ghost, a grenade launcher in the final assault on the fort, and even loaded eggs. Chickens were fed bits of gun powder abd their eggs exploded when close to flames(I don’t know about that one).

Not a bad film at all.