23303661Author Christopher Golden gives us a near future sf/thriller. America has set itself up as the policemen of the world. In effect, the defacto rulers of the world.

This is accomplished with technology only they control: the tin men. Robotic soldiers controlled by humans that run them with their minds in command while their bodies survive in tubes that keep them alive. No fighting is allowed. Other than that people are free to be what they want.

The main characters are Kate and Danny, tin men soldiers. As a human Kate is missing her legs and enjoys the freedom of being able to run. Among other things. Danny has a thing for Kate.

As our story opens, the POTUS is in Athens, part of a G20 summit, where he plans to present his demands to European leaders to prevent an economic collapse.

But even a benevolent dictatorship is untenable to most people.

The Anarchists strike…

An EM pulse fries every circuit board in the world and the satellite system circling the planet. Can’t be repaired, only replaced, and that could take years under the best circumstances. Only heavily shielded bases, a few around the world survive.

And the tin men.

The world is quickly going to Hell and Kate and Danny suddenly realize something about the tin men. An uncomfortable truth they’d not been told.

The race is on to get to Athens to rescue the President who’s teamed up with an enemy for survival: the Russian president.

Liked this one. The writing is crisp and kept me involved.