1: The Sinister Shadow – Kenneth Robeson: using a few chapters and an outline for a second Shadow novel started by Lester Dent, author Will Murray fashioned a tale involving the tw greatest characters of the pulp area.

2: Flashpoint – Ed Gorman: an Ed Gorman novel. What else needs to be said.

3: Murdering Lawyer(review copy) [ Larry Fine: a legal thriller with murder, international intrigue, and diabolical evil involving many of the most powerful lawyers and judges in New York City. A young lawyer is caught up with an ancient cabal committed to bringing the most unspeakable evil into the world, and he must defeat these forces or face his own demise and that of his friends and loved ones.

4: Star Wars: Dark Disciple(review copy) – Christie Golden: a novelization of unused scripts for the Clone Wars animated series.

and the ebooks:

5: The Templar Succession(review copy) – K. R. Eckert: first full length book by the author. Enjoyed his shorter works and so far his one is good.

6: Th Swiss Family Robin ZOM, Book 2(review copy) – Perrin Briar: as the story intimates, a modern retelling with zombies.

7: The Dark Man(review copy) – Desmond Doane: author Ernie Lindsey enters the horror field with this first entry of a new serie. Review goes up later this week.

8: The Feral(review copy) -David Elias Jenkins: When a terrorist attack hits London and the survivors say that the attackers were not human, Major Thom Usher must lead the Special Forces team Empire One against the Feral, a force of berserker rage that has awoken from our distant past to destroy us all. Their fight will take them from the burning sands of the Middle East to the frozen arctic tundra of Svalbard. The Feral is a military fantasy novel set in the contemporary world of terrorism, espionage and modern warfare, where myth, magic and monsters are horrifyingly real.