4141657_fullpicThis film was a bit of ab oddity. Reviews seem split that it was a forgettable entry in the genre while others thought it memorable. Direction was by Giuseppe Vari billed as Joseph Warren. The screenwriters had turned out admirable work previously, Ferdinando di Leo and Augusto Caminito.

Two of the genre’s stalwarts starred: George Eastman as Lucas and Gerge Hilton as Terrail. A pair of gamblers, they get nto an tough game in the beginning of the film when Terrail sets lucas up by allowing him to see a king on the bottom on the deck as he lays it down after dealing a hand of five card stud. Kucas has the fourth queen on his down card and figures it for the winner. Short covering the bet, four thousand dollars, a well dressed Mexican that followed Terrail into town covers the bet and Terrail revels the fourth King in his down card.

Angry, Lucas is prevented from doing anything by the sheriff and Terrail ends up42879-1- offering him a job: driving a wagon load of paper into Mexico. The original driver was killed. The four thousand he pays off the Mexican and says another five gran will be paid on delivery to a blacksmith.

Both men are curious as to why a wagon load of paper would be worth that much. Lucas delivers, dealing with bandits along the way, while the same Mexican follows along behind.

Things start to become clear when a bar girl sets Lucas up to be beaten and taken to a rich rancher named Masters(Mimmo Palmara, billed as Dick Palmer). The girl’s father, an artist, is missing. Lucas proves adept at using his fists as well as his guns.

Poker_pistoleThere’s more than a couple of twists along the way, a double cross, and a reveal I missed.

Not a great print. Scenes seemed to be missing and one spell of a couple of minutes with only sound.


But still not a bad film.