Death of A Guru is a hard book to quantify. One cover blurb refers to it as a23717731 literary thriller, which makes as much sense as any I suppose.

It’s a tale of two men, Magnus “Magic” Larsen and Doctor Devon Clarke, their lives becoming intertwined as the story unfolds. Clarke wants something from Larsen, an ex-pat living in Asia. Clarke is a rich doctor with a cult following that he does little to discourage though he’s never claimed to be the faith healer his followers believe.

He does harbor a terrible secret that eats at him though. What he wants from Larsen, the young man doesn’t want to deliver.

The pushing, prodding, takes a couple of years. And there’s a nice twist at the end I didn’t see coming.

A tale of love, redemption, revenge, all wrapped in highly engaging prose. Doesn’t read like a first novel. Can be ordered HERE.