Killing Maine – Mike Bond

I’ve posted about Pono Hawkins before HERE.He’s tilting at Wind mills again, literally. This time on the other side25714590 of the world. Maine. He’s there to help an old comrade who’s in jail for murder.

Buddy Franklin is his name and Pono doesn’t even like him. He once testified at a trial where Pono was accused of shot in an Afghani girl. He did, but the fifteen year old had been set on fire by her husband for daring to lay eyes on another man, an honor killing. Dying anyway and begging for someone to kill her, he’d ended her pain. The Bush government made him a scapegoat and Pono got twenty years, a sentence vindicated a few months later. Franklin had also married the woman Pono loved.

Why help him then?

A thing called honor. Franklin was Special Forces like Pono and the testimony was by rules of law. One didn’t desert a comrade in trouble. Oh, forgot to mention, Franklin had saved his life in a firefit as well.

The Wind Mafia was at it again in Maine. Pono had managed to beat them in Hawaii and they were now making billions, off the public dollar, building useless wind turbine towers, blotting the landscape, killing wildlife, ruining property values, and getting obscenely rich, along with the politicians, judges, and cops they paid off.

Pono was only there for a few days before the harassment started, shots were fired at him, and the cops were trying to pin murders, arson, and destruction of property on him.

A wonderfully write novel that wouldn’t let me stop until I finished it. Read the whole thing in less than a day.

Recommended. Can be ordered here.


Poker With Pistols(Un Poker di pistole)1967



4141657_fullpicThis film was a bit of ab oddity. Reviews seem split that it was a forgettable entry in the genre while others thought it memorable. Direction was by Giuseppe Vari billed as Joseph Warren. The screenwriters had turned out admirable work previously, Ferdinando di Leo and Augusto Caminito.

Two of the genre’s stalwarts starred: George Eastman as Lucas and Gerge Hilton as Terrail. A pair of gamblers, they get nto an tough game in the beginning of the film when Terrail sets lucas up by allowing him to see a king on the bottom on the deck as he lays it down after dealing a hand of five card stud. Kucas has the fourth queen on his down card and figures it for the winner. Short covering the bet, four thousand dollars, a well dressed Mexican that followed Terrail into town covers the bet and Terrail revels the fourth King in his down card.

Angry, Lucas is prevented from doing anything by the sheriff and Terrail ends up42879-1- offering him a job: driving a wagon load of paper into Mexico. The original driver was killed. The four thousand he pays off the Mexican and says another five gran will be paid on delivery to a blacksmith.

Both men are curious as to why a wagon load of paper would be worth that much. Lucas delivers, dealing with bandits along the way, while the same Mexican follows along behind.

Things start to become clear when a bar girl sets Lucas up to be beaten and taken to a rich rancher named Masters(Mimmo Palmara, billed as Dick Palmer). The girl’s father, an artist, is missing. Lucas proves adept at using his fists as well as his guns.

Poker_pistoleThere’s more than a couple of twists along the way, a double cross, and a reveal I missed.

Not a great print. Scenes seemed to be missing and one spell of a couple of minutes with only sound.


But still not a bad film.

FFB: Black Is The Color – John Brunner



As a young boy discovering a love of reading even as I was learning, John8570777 Brunner was an early find, third I believe, behind Heinlein and Norton. The early stuff was mostly from the Ace Doubles. Black Is The Color is a little bit different. From 1969, part spy novel, it has a plot line that would fit in in things happening today.

Mark Hanwell, a disillusioned young man returns home to London after six months in Spain where he’d met and worked for The Big Famous Writer he only ever refers to as Hairy Harry. It didn’t take long for him to realize his hero had feet of clay, making the bulk of his money selling pornography and weed. In fact, the last four pieces of writing under his name had been written by Mark.

Home, he goes looking for a woman who’d sent him a few letters early on, then stopped. A singer, he traced the bank d she’d been with falling into as different a world as he’d ever run into.

Sadism was part of it, voodoo, a plan to start a race war in England, Mark finds his work an and the man she’d taken up with, a South Africaner.

I’d never heard of this book before I came across it. Good stuff

June 2015 Book Round-Up

182: CH: Rabbits(ebook) – Emma Child

183: AD: Legacy:Mother Mine(ebook) – Warren Murphy and Gerald Welch

184: TR: Kentucky Bloodbath: Ten Bizarre Tales of Murder From The Bluegrass State(ebook) – Kevin Sullivan

185: CH: Dinosaurs(ebook) – Rose Leo

186: MY: Antiques Swap – Barbara Allan

187: TH: Stay: A Novel – Victor Gischler

188: WE: The Peregrine: Devil You Know(ebook) – Richard Prosch

189: WE: Amos Flagg Lawman – Clay Randall

190: CR: Scorched Noir(ebook) – Garnett Elliott

191: CR: Concrete Angel – Patricia Abbott

192: CR: 2 Guns For Hire – Neil Macneil

193: HR: The Swiss Family RobinZOM (Book 1) The Classic Family Adventure… Now With Zombies!(ebook) – Perrin Briar

194: CH: The True Spirit of Christmas – Dorothy Thurgood Manning

195: WW: A Bloody Bloody Mess In The Wild Wild West (ebook) – Justin Bienvenue

196: SF: Lightless – C. A. Higgins

197: CH: Andee The Aquanaut: Guardian of The Great Seas(ebook) – Simon James House

198: CH: Bears(ebook) – Emma Child

199: SF: Tin Men – Christopher Golden

200: CH: Olive and Beatrix: The Not-So Itty-Bitty Spiders – Amy Marie Stadelman

201: CR: The Burnt Orange Heresy – Charles Willeford

202: HR: The Dark Man (Graveyard Classified) – Desmond Doane

203: TH: The Fourth Domain (Boyd Chailland) (Volume 4) – Ed Baldwin

Mystery Street (1950)


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5117John Sturges diected this stylish B movie that showcased Ricardo Montalban, intent on blunting his Latin lover/musical image to more serious acting, as cop Peter Moralas investigating the murder of a young waitress/prostitute found washed up ashore off Boston. Missing several months, she’s but a skeleton by now.

With CSI precision, aided by Harvard medical Dr. Mcadoo(Bruce Bennett),images they piece things together. Marshal Thomson is Henry Shanway, the innocent man dragged into the murder. Stopping off for a drink, and already drunk, he gets scooped up by the pregnant murder victim, Vivian Heldon(Jan Sterling), pissed that her married boy friend refuses to leave his wife, getting Shanway to let her drive them up to a meeting with boy friend. When he balks, she gets him out of his car, steals it, leaving him stranded. The murderer shoots her, strips the body and leaves her clothes in Shanway’s car, driving it into a lake.

5118Sally Forrest as the innocent’s wife, Grace and Betsy Blair as the victim’s friend, Jackie Elcott are the only ones who believe him innocent.

Mrs. Smerrling(Elsa Lancaster) owns a rooming house for women. She’s a scheming, money hungry blackmailer who knows the killer and has the murder weapon hidden.

And the murderer is James Joshua Harkley(Edmon Ryan).

The story of how they piece things all together is nicely done.


New In The House


1: The Sinister Shadow – Kenneth Robeson: using a few chapters and an outline for a second Shadow novel started by Lester Dent, author Will Murray fashioned a tale involving the tw greatest characters of the pulp area.

2: Flashpoint – Ed Gorman: an Ed Gorman novel. What else needs to be said.

3: Murdering Lawyer(review copy) [ Larry Fine: a legal thriller with murder, international intrigue, and diabolical evil involving many of the most powerful lawyers and judges in New York City. A young lawyer is caught up with an ancient cabal committed to bringing the most unspeakable evil into the world, and he must defeat these forces or face his own demise and that of his friends and loved ones.

4: Star Wars: Dark Disciple(review copy) – Christie Golden: a novelization of unused scripts for the Clone Wars animated series.

and the ebooks:

5: The Templar Succession(review copy) – K. R. Eckert: first full length book by the author. Enjoyed his shorter works and so far his one is good.

6: Th Swiss Family Robin ZOM, Book 2(review copy) – Perrin Briar: as the story intimates, a modern retelling with zombies.

7: The Dark Man(review copy) – Desmond Doane: author Ernie Lindsey enters the horror field with this first entry of a new serie. Review goes up later this week.

8: The Feral(review copy) -David Elias Jenkins: When a terrorist attack hits London and the survivors say that the attackers were not human, Major Thom Usher must lead the Special Forces team Empire One against the Feral, a force of berserker rage that has awoken from our distant past to destroy us all. Their fight will take them from the burning sands of the Middle East to the frozen arctic tundra of Svalbard. The Feral is a military fantasy novel set in the contemporary world of terrorism, espionage and modern warfare, where myth, magic and monsters are horrifyingly real.