One After The Other(Uno Dopo L’Altro)1968



italian_2p_one_after_another_dupe1_NZ01664_LONE AFTER ANOTHER has a plot built around double crosses. many of them.

Richard Harrison is Stan, the only name we ever have for him. He comes into town looking for Bill Ross, only to learn he as killed in a bank robbery.

The robbery is at the beginning of the film. Colonel Jefferson(José Bódalo) owns the bank. He’s accosted outside of town by a band of Mexicans led by Espartero(José Manuel Martín) who offers him a deal Jefferson can’t refuse. Espartero holds a paper proving the Colonel was a traitor during the war. They rob the bank, loaded with payrolls for area ranches and mines, to get money to save his peoples’ farms, Jefferson gets his money back from the insurance, plus the proof. Everybody’s happy.

The robbery comes off, but it’s a set-up. Nine men disguised as Mexicans hit it,512S7P01Z5L and when Stan Ross grabs a rifle and catches the robbers unawares, Jefferson offers to hold the weapon while Stan disarms them, only to shoot his clerk in the back. The robbers murder all the customers then. Jefferson had hired them to pretend to be Mexican, ponchos and big slouchy sombreros, and steal the gold. It’s hid in a cave until the furor dies down and the men discard their disguises and filter back into town.

At the bank, Espatero had his nephew working as a sweeper. Miguel(Hugo Blanco) recognizes the double cross and goes after Jefferson. He gets a knife in him, but Jefferson shoots him, a head wound that scrambles his brain.

230px-OneAfterTheOther_DatabasePageThe bespectacled Stan hires on to find Miguel, who’d escaped, for ten grand. At their camp, he makes a deal with Espartero, who denies any involvement. Stan was already suspicious.

Several more double crosses follow and Stan swears to hunt down and kill Jefferson and his nine co-cospirators.

One After the other.

He Starts the parade off with the undertaker(Eugenio Galadini, billed as Eugenio Galatini) bringing a coffin into the saloon and presenting it to his first target. Each succeeding takedown, he leaves enough for a coffin to be made.

A pretty decent little western with two more double crosses in the final few minutes. The director was Nick Nostro(billed as as Nick Howard) who also had a hand in the script, along with eight others.


FFB: Touchfeather, Too – Jimmy Sangster



2231837Last week, I covered TOUCHFEATHER, the first book. This week, I’m posting on the second, and only other as far as I know, Katy Touchfeather adventure.

Katy Touchfeather is back in action. Based in London, she works for a man named Blaser. Fluent in six languages, passable in a few more, her cover job is as an airline stewardess. That had been her job before she was recruited as part of an investigation in her husband’s death. Ruled accidental, it had in fact been murder and Katy had helped bring down the killers.

Trained as an agent, she can kill with just her hands in six different methods. But mosy often she uses her feminine side to complete her assignments.

This time around, she’s on the trail of illegal gold. Gold in the world is heavily monitored as to much on the market can bring the price down. Someone is getting gold from unknown mines and introducing it in market.

A handsome young bullfighter smuggling some in is one target. Another is a rich Greek named Constantin Galipolodopolo that may be the head man.

Katy survives murder attempts, several kidnappings, and her irascible boss as she investigates.

I Want Him Dead(Lo Voglio Morto)1968



The first thing I noticed when I started watching I WANT HIM DEAD was that it8p9MXwYUuWsv0rhpYTDPWYv627w seemed far different from most in the spaghetti genre I’ve watched over the last few years. Everything about it was superior. Production values, costumes, the sets, the script. Far above the cheeziness found in the majority.

Don’t get me wrong. The cheese is part of the charm I’ve come to know and love.

This one was more on the level of the best of the genre: the Leones, the Carbuccis.

Craig Hill stars as Clayton, a man who wants to buy a ranch for his sister and himself. He’d been saving money for several years. One problem: it was Confederate currency. He becomes bent on revenge when he finds his sister Mercedes(Cristina Businari) raped and murdered, a tobacco pouch found lying by her side. A little investigation found it identified as belonging to a fellow named Jack Blood(José Manuel Martín). He and a friend had left just before Clayton arrived.

affiche-cinema-clayton-l-implacable-realise-en-1968-par-paolo-bianchini-963722067_MLNow he had his target.

But that was only a subplot to the main one. Jack Blood worked for a businessman, Mallek(Andrea Bosic) who’d invested heavily in arms and ammunition. The Civil War was winding down and he’d gotten wind of a meeting between two generals, one from the north and one from the south, meeting to discuss terms for an armistice before Grant and Lee met. Mallek stood to lose a great deal of money should the war end before he could sell off his stock, estimated at a million dollars in rifles, ammunition, and heavy weapons. With that in mind, he was offering Blood and his team $50,000 to kill the generals and make both sides think the other was responsible.

All Clayton had on his mind was Blood until he meets two women held for theLo_voglio_mortoX (1) gang’s pleasure. Aloma(Lea Massari) and Marisa(Licia Calderón) were the pair and Clayton begins to fall for Aloma.

Of cpurse along the way he gets several beatings, whipped, and lays waste to most of the gang. A fight over the $50,000 leaves money scattered along the trail, nortern dollars, and Clayton gets his four thousand.

A pretty good western. Carlos Sarabia wrote the script and it was directed by Paolo Bianchini.


FFB: Touchfeather – Jimmy Sangster



2565922Katy Touchfeather is an air hostess-sort of. No permanent airline, just whatever her current assignment had the need. She’s an agent for a British agency, her boss a gentleman known only as Mr. Blaser.

She’s part of a team assigned to bird dog a man named William Partman, a professor headed to India, ostensibly to read a couple of his papers, but suspected of selling his work to-maybe a foreign government. Part of a team, she’s told to get close to him. Others would watch him as well.

Young and attractive, and the professor big and handsome, it’s not hard for Katy. What is unanticipated is that Katy falls for Partman. In his three days at the conference, she’s relieved that he’s found to be innocent. No attempt to pass off anything, nothing in his room(she searched while he was out).

But flying home, the plane is hijacked, landed in Egypt, and Partman taken off. The last Katy sees of him is a smash in the face and blood flowing down as he’s hustled off.

A kidnapping and a bit of torture later, when they want to know what Partman told her in their bed sessions convinces her the Professor is dead. She escapes, killing one, and heads back to London.

It doesn’t end there. The information seems to have gotten out and the trail leads her across Europe and America as she tracks the one responsible.

Not a bad bit of action.


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