This is Tracy again working from Randy’s computer, as we’re sorting through anything that needs to be taken care of.  This is a list of books for this month he added to as he finished them, so I’m posting it on his behalf.

204: TH: Black Is The Color – John Brunner

205: WE: To Swallow the Earth – Ransom A. Wilcox

206: TH: Killing Maine – Mike Bond

207: TH: The Templar Succession: A Novel(ebook) – K. R. Eckert

208: WE: I Am A Roving Gambler(ebook) – Bill Crider

209: HR: The Swiss Family RobinZOM (Book 2)(ebook) – Perrin Briar

210: TH: Death of A Guru – Doug Greenall

211: WE: Freed Men (West of the Dead Line Book 2)(ebook) – Phil Truman

212: WE: Amos Flagg: High Gun – Clay Randall

213: TH: Murdering Lawyers – Larry Fine