I’m an Eden, North Carolina boy, now sixty-three years old. The name is George Randall, but I’ve gone by Randy randyJohnson most of my life. Thus the name of the blog. There’s a lot of us out there, the retired pitcher being the most famous. But I’ve been using the nickname since before he was born and I’m keeping it.

Now that he’s retired, I wonder should I change the name of the blog.


I love books, about anything but romance and still listen to rock and roll at my advanced age. Not to mention Blues and old country.

Contact: bigdaddy120@triad.rr.com

7 thoughts on “About”

  1. Patti Abbott said:

    Hi Randy-I’ll put it up next week too. Thanks so much.

  2. Hi Randy,
    I stumbled on your blog while checking something on the internet and I was so pleased to know you have enjoyed my books. Thank you for your review of Range War in Whiskey Hill on your blog. I remember visiting the Waldenbooks in the mall in Eden – nice folks. I was sorry to see them close the store.
    My best to you, and thank you again,
    Chuck West

  3. Thanks for the link to Fear on Demand!

  4. Randy, I applaud your desire to upgrade your blog, but I’m afraid I think this theme is a bit too “colorful” for my tastes. Just a personal opinion….

  5. I’m experimenting right now, Richard, having changed it a couple of times in the las month or so. This will stay up a bit anyway. It is loud.

  6. Say, I’d sure be honored if you’d consider adding me to your blogroll. I’ve had you on mine for some time, of course. I know I’m small peanuts, but heck…

  7. Richard, You are on the blogroll, listed as The Broken Bullhorn. Should I redo It as just Broken Bullhorn?