* Not A Marvin Gaye reference

I seem to get a run on a post every so often. Not sure why. The first was one on a Paul Newman marathon of films on Turner Classic films. That one was no good a few days later. But I suddenly starting getting hits on it, anywhere from a couple of hundred a day to one memorable day where it got 1200 hits. It stands at 20,102 hits to date. That faded away then, though it still gets hits evey now and again.

Next it was a several years old post on a true crime book, BITTER BLOOD, by Jerry Bledsoe. It was a story that happened in my county and played out one afternoon that ended with a bloody end. That post has risen twice with large amounts of hits daily for a while. It now stands at 1,727.

The post piling up hits more recently, is my review of the film JOHN CARTER. For the last couple of weeks, it’s been getting a hundred + hits a day. As of this writing, it has piled up 1,447 hits.

What’s going on?