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15738114I’ve read THE OUTFIT before, but did a reread because I covered the Robert Duvall film this Tuesday past. I also had this film edition of the book picked up from Barry Eregang.

The film producers stuck pretty close to the story here with only minor variations.

Parker had gotten a face lift to disguise himself from the Outfit. Word was out now, though they didn’t know what he looked like. When someone fingers him and a hit man is sent, he decides it’s time to do something about it. The Outfit is still trying to kill Parker and that must be stopped. He sets out to make them pay, getting information from the assassin.

He heads north from Florida, visiting people along the way he’d worked with in the past. He also wrote letters to others to far off the route. He asked all if they had plans to hit outfit(they all idly thought about such jobs). As a professional courtesy, they usually left such hits alone.

But the Outfit, Bronson in particular, was starting to get annoying. They needed to be taught a lesson about other pros and what they could do. Before it was over, a million had been taken.

Then Parker went after Bronson.

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