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1: Blind Justice At Wedlock – Ross Morton: Clint Brennan was shot and left for dead, along with his dog Mutt, the last thing he saw were the two men dragging his wife Belle from their home. It was a third person that shot him. Clint was blind when he came to, one shot having hit him in the head. A little thing like blindness wasn’t going to stop him from saving Belle though. Mutt wasn’t badly wounded either and after a bit of bandaging, feeling around for supplies and one of Belle’s nightgowns, the pair leaves with Mutt trailing the scent.

2: The Middle Kingdom Ride(review copy) – Ryan & Colin Pyle: When Canadian brothers Colin Pyle and Ryan Pyle set out from Shanghai on a motorcycle journey that had never previously been attempted, they thought they had some idea of what lay ahead of them. It was a misconception that had become evident by the end of Day 1. But, despite the many challenges they faced, 65 days and 18,000 km later they’d succeeded in circumnavigating China.

3: Full Tilt(review copy) – Rick Mofina: Deep in the woods of upstate New York a woman flees a blazing barn. She is burned beyond recognition, and her dying words point police to a labyrinth of “confinement rooms”—rooms designed to hold human beings captive—where they make other chilling discoveries. In Manhattan, Kate Page, a single mom and reporter with a newswire service, receives a heart-stopping call from a detective on the case. A guardian angel charm found at the scene fits the description of the one belonging to Kate’s sister, Vanessa, who washed away after a car crash in a mountain river twenty years ago.

4: Beneath A Navajo Moon(review copy) – Lisa Carter: The search for a woman who disappeared in 1906 has lead cultural anthropologist Erin Dawson to Cedar Canyon, where the iconic terrain of red rock walls and mesas keep Navajo traditions—and maybe criminal evidence—well hidden. When Erin’s search leads her to cross paths with tribal policeman Adam Silverhorn, it’s hardly love at first sight. But everywhere she turns, Adam is already there. Fighting their feelings for each other, the two are suddenly thrust into a battle far more dangerous—a common quest to rout an insidious drug cartel that has spawned the recent rise in gang violence on the reservation. Adam’s position of authority gives Erin a rare glimpse into Navajo life few outsiders like her ever see—and into a crime ring that no one dares to imagine. As danger mounts, Adam and Erin begin to wonder if they will live to tell how they really feel.

5: The Harvest Man(review copy) – Alex Grecian: Scotland Yard’s Murder Squad—and Jack the Ripper—return, in the extraordinary new historical thriller.

6: Master Sergeant – Mel Odom: The Makaum War: Book One. They call it The Green Hell. A maze of tangled jungle, the planet Makaum is one of the most dangerous places in the universe. And for Terran Military Master Sergeant Frank Sage, it is now home.

7: Winchester 1886 – William W. Johnstone with J. A. Johnstone: A boy in Texas waits for a Christmas present he chose from a Montgomery Ward catalog. The present, a brand new, lever action Winchester 1886 and a box of its big .50-caliber slugs, never makes it there. Instead, the rifle is caught up in a train robbery and starts a long and violent journey of its own–from the hands of a notorious, kill-crazy outlaw to an Apache renegade to a hardscrabble rancher and beyond. But while the prized Winchester is wandering the West–aimed, fired, battered and bartered–Deputy U.S. Marshal Jimmy Mann is hunting for the outlaw who robbed the train in Texas. The only clue he has is this prized and highly coveted weapon. What stands in his way are storms, Indians, thieves, a lot of bloody deaths–and a merciless desperado just waiting to kill the lawman on his trail…

8: Dixie Victorious – Peter G. Tsouras: Based on a series of fascinating ‘what ifs’ posed by leading military historians, this intriguing alternate history reconstructs moments during the American Civil War which could have altered the entire course of the war and led to a Confederate victory.

9: Empty Rooms – Jeffrey J. Mariotte: Richie Krebbs is an ex-cop, a walking encyclopedia of crime and criminals who chafes at bureaucracy. Frank Robey quit the FBI and joined the Detroit PD, obsessed with the case of a missing child and unwilling to leave the city before she was found. When Richie unearths a possible clue in one of Detroit’s many abandoned homes, it puts him on a collision course with Frank—and with depths of depravity that neither man could have imagined.

10: The Shadow double: The Man From Scotland Yard & Zemba: Two novels from the pulp magazine.

11: 8 In 80 By Ellison: edited by Susan ellison, his wife, she’s selected a story from each year of his writing life in celebration of his birthday.

and the ebooks:

12: The Dead World F. Paul Wilson: a novelette set in Burroughs Pellucidar.

13: Sherlock Holmes and The Case of The Twain Papers – Roger Riccard: Samuel Clemens, the most famous American author in London, and better known as Mark Twain, has had the notes for his memoirs mysteriously stolen from the illustrious Langham Hotel. Clemens, an admirer of Sherlock Holmes, approaches the famous detective for assistance.

14: Catalyst – Nik Morton: fist book in the Avenging Cat series.

15: Truth Or Die: A Bragg Thriller – jack Lynch: Bragg runs into Jo Sommers, a woman he longed for many years ago…and who is now unhappily married. Hours later, she’s accused of murdering her husband. Bragg agrees to help prove that Jo is innocent, discovering a tangled web of blackmail, extortion, and murder, stretching forty years into the past…to a secret so horrible, it’s still worth killing to keep it buried.

16: Die For Me: A Bragg Thriller(review copy) – jack Lynch: A psychic Peter Bragg once saved from suicide has seen her future… death at the hands of a serial killer… and turns to Bragg to save her life again. As one corpse after another is unearthed in the woods of Jack London State Park, Bragg teams up with a Sheriff’s detective in a race against time, and perhaps fate, to hunt down a killer stalking the nightmare landscape of the psychic’s visions and the dark, deadly streets of San Francisco.