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22542597Not an old book but bounty hunter Jack Keller is back after a long absence, the first new book since 2007, and a welcome return it is. DEVILS AND DUST finds Keller living off the grid after the events of the third novel, a quiet life in the desert, a new lady in his life, and no bounty hunting. Still with demons haunting his sleep.

But he’s been found.

His old boss and friend Angela has tracked him down looking for help. Her husband, Oscar Sanchez, and Keller’s best friend, has disappeared. He was looking into his two son’s disappearance on their way up from Mexico.

Keller is a hunter and Angela is confident he can find Oscar and the boys. Keller owes him and immediately agrees. Oscar, a simple teacher, had once saved Keller’s life at considerable risk to his own.

The trail will take him from a corrupt Mexican border town to a prison camp in the swamps of South Carolina, placing him against the worst in humankind, human traffickers, drug lords, and slavers, those that use religion to justify their excesses.

Terrific new novel by Mr. Rhoades in that genre defined by some as redneck noir.