I became a big fan of the TV series(reappearing this fall on Netflix), but had23281918 never read any of the Craig Johnson books. I do have the first one though and will get to it eventually. Being a dinosaur fan as well Longmire, I decided to go with the forthcoming DRY BONES as my first adventure in Absaroka County printed form.

The Sheriff has a body, Danny Lone Elk, found floating in a turtle pond that may be murder. An old Cheyenne, a fight was shaping up over a T-Rex skeleton found on his property. A complete find and the largest to date found, value for Jen(named after the young paleontologist that found her) had been estimated at eight million.

Walt is besieged by an ambitious young acting Deputy Attorney claiming it for the government and the Cheyenne Federation. A local museum wants it, the family of the dead man, the local tribe. All have an interest.

On top, while his daughter Cady is visiting with Walt’s young granddaughter, a personal tragedy back East sends her home accompanied by sister-in-law Vic Moretti.

Quite enjoyed this one. Publication date is May 15th.