downloadI’m not sure about the title BLOOD AT SUNDOWN. There appears to be two films with that title and Anthony Steffen stars in both of them. Gianni Garko is co-starred in the other. I’m going with the alternate U.S. title for this one. It’s a film about two feuding families with the daughter of one loving the son of the other. Hmmm? That sounds familiar.

The McDougalls and the Lopezs are the two families. Andy McDougall(Armando Guarnieri, billed as Jack Warner) heads one and Lopez, no other name given(José Calvo, billed as Joseph Calvo) is the main man of the other. Some time in the past, years back, McDougall does something that puts Lopez in a wheelchair. He swore revenge.

Steffen is Steve McDougall who deserts the army when he learns his fatherdownload (2) Andy has been killed by the Lopez family. Tied to a tree and everyone who worked for Lopez puts one bullet into the helpless man. Seventeen including Lopez and his son Manuel.

Steve finds his sister Judy(Ida Galli, billed as Evelyn Stewart) and their uncle Sam(Franco Pesce, billed as Frank Campbell) at the family ranch.

We learn that Steve and Lopez’s daughter Pilar(Gemma Cuervo, billed as Jennifer Crowe) were once a thing. Both daddies hadn’t been happy about that.

Por qué seguir matando (1967) 4Killings back and forth, with a pair of brothers working for Lopez figuring in and double-crossing everybody.

This was a cheap jack production with a bunch of odd stuff. When Steve and Manuel had their gunfight in the street, stalking up to each other, the sound effects were obviously someone walking across a wooden floor instead of dirt. Bizarre. And Steve never fires a shot that he doesn’t hit somebody. In the climactic horseback chase, with Steve’s sister a prisoner, he’s firing from a galloping horse into the bunch, never a thought that he might hit her, but never missing.

About a C-.

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