2231837Last week, I covered TOUCHFEATHER, the first book. This week, I’m posting on the second, and only other as far as I know, Katy Touchfeather adventure.

Katy Touchfeather is back in action. Based in London, she works for a man named Blaser. Fluent in six languages, passable in a few more, her cover job is as an airline stewardess. That had been her job before she was recruited as part of an investigation in her husband’s death. Ruled accidental, it had in fact been murder and Katy had helped bring down the killers.

Trained as an agent, she can kill with just her hands in six different methods. But mosy often she uses her feminine side to complete her assignments.

This time around, she’s on the trail of illegal gold. Gold in the world is heavily monitored as to much on the market can bring the price down. Someone is getting gold from unknown mines and introducing it in market.

A handsome young bullfighter smuggling some in is one target. Another is a rich Greek named Constantin Galipolodopolo that may be the head man.

Katy survives murder attempts, several kidnappings, and her irascible boss as she investigates.