An Adventure In Space and Time(2013)

2D_RGB_ADVENTURES_REVERSEThe coming Saturday brings the season premiere of Doctor Who, Peter Capaldi’s first as our favorite Time Lord. AN ADVENTURE IN SPACE AND TIME was produced for the fiftieth anniversary of the show. It takes us all the way back to the beginning when the good Doctor was just a thought in the mind of Sidney Newman(Brian Cox). New to the BBC, he was looking to make his mark. He had a twenty-five minute slot that needed filling on Saturday evening. He wanted a science fiction piece and met immediate resistance.

Jessica Raine plays Verity Lambert, a novice producer put in charge of the show. As a woman, she had a lot to prove herself.

They wanted an older Doctor, but needed an actor that could play older, the54920262_700x700min_1 rigors of series television you know. Emphatically turned down by several actors, it was Lambert that convinced them they needed William Hartnell(David Bradley). They just had to convince him.

The movie covers the early years and the time after three years when Lambert wanted to kill the Doctor and a new concept was born. Patrick Troughton(Reece Shearsmith) became the second Doctor.

Below is the trailer for the film, below that the new series.

New In The House

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1: The 6th Extinction – James Rollins: The author’s latest Sigma Force thriller

2: Mr. Mercedes – Stephen King: latest from the horror master. Less than sterling reviews in places Thought I’d give it a try.

3: The Black-eyed blone – Benjamin Black: a Philip Marlowe novel.

4: The Family Jensen: Massacre Canyon – William W. Johmstone with J. A. Johnstone

5: Luke Jensen, Bounty Hunter: Bloody Sunday: William W. Johnstone with J. A. Johnstone

6: Forty Times A Killer! = William W. Johnstone with J. A. johnstone

7: Day of Independence – William W. Johnstone with J. A. Johnstone: just catching up on the family of johnstone’s ghost writers. recent health issues got me behind.

8: No Tears For Morgan Kane – Louis masterson: Morgan Kane gets involved helping a young woman, a member of a family that had saved his life years before, and her neighbors in their battle against a crooked rancher and his gunmen.

9; Bones Never lie(ARC) – Kathy Reichs: latest Temperance Brennan thriller.

10: The Phantom: Generations – Moonstone books: twenty novellas representing every man that had posed as The Ghost who walks. Each is accompanied by wonderful artwork from different artists.

11: The Three Emperors(ARC) – William Dietrich; historical thriller featuring Ethan Gage

12: The Bully of Order(ARC) – Brian Hart: thriller at the turn of the century in a logging camp in Washington state

13: The Secret history of Wonder Woman(ARC) – Jill Lapore: title says it all.

14: Broadchurch(ARC) – Erin Kelly; novel based on the British crime drama starring David Tennant.

and the ebooks:

15: The Fyredrakes Prey – james Reasoner: a fantasy by James. Nothing else needs saying.

16: How The Wes Was Written pt 1: Ron Scheer: Ron’s look at early western novels.

17: The Masked Rider Archives volume 1: a collection of the pulp hero novels.

18: Hunger For Atlantis (review copy) – Pandora; unsolicited gift from the author. Twice actually.

19: The Return(review copy) Carter Vance

20: The re-Awakening(review copy) – Carter Vance: both attached in a surprise email.

21: Rex Randall and The Jericho Secret(review copy) attached to a surprise email.

Not sure I’ll ever review the last four. Didn’t even get the courtesy of being asked for a review. And am suspicious of the last three. Both emails came together and, considering the author names, I believe them to be the same person.

22: Red shadows, Green Hell – David Hardy: the latest from Rough edges Press.

Django Defies Sartana(Django sfida Sartana)1970


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7232Films in the spghetti western genre varied in quality from very good to very bad and, yes, everything in between. DJANGO DEFIES SARTANA probably falls in the low end of the spectrum, though I didn’t think it was as bad as some reviews I found. It would fit nicely as a B-movie. Low brow script with a number of paint by numbers scenes. Low budget. Hammy acting, not to mention the niece’s overwrought, face twisting disgust at the trampling of the bad guy’s girl friend.

3118782607_1_5_K83xLNnZUnlike a lot of films at the time riding the coattails of successful franchises, this wasn’t one where the names Django and Sartana were just slapped onto the title when in other countries but Italy.

It was cult actor Tony Kendall’s first spaghetti. He was Djando. George Ardisson was Sartana and in his fourth movie in the genre. José Torres was the most experienced actor in the cast, playing the mute Loco. His character was very good at playing the scared little peon until called for more, being very good with knife or machete.

Each of the principals received early scenes to demonstrate their prowess. Remember I mentioned paint by numbers.

Django and his men confront a band of outlaws, shooting it out until the leader51y0HEt+dJL._SY300_ challenges Django’s manhood for a showdown, having his lone surviving gang member set up to ambush Django. Our hero of course gets them both.

Sartana’s introduction has him facing off against the vain young gunman that wants to enhance his reputation. Sartana tries to ignore him until he has to grab the idiot’s gun when he gets to close and teach him a lesson.

The plot here is Django’s straight brother Steve(John Alvar), a bank executive, is set up to look like he helped Sartana rob the bank and ends up getting lynched, with a reward put out on Sartana. You see, the bank manager Singer(Bernard Faber) is killed, his niece(Adler Gray) kidnapped, supposedly by Sartana, though it obviously wasn’t him. The wagon was brought in by one of Singer’s men who said before Singer died, he named both Steve and Sartana. The body is quickly buried.

B5076Django hunts down Sartana and the two beat the hell out of each other until neither can stand. Then the talking begins and the pair team up to find the real criminal and clear Steve’s name.

It was far to easy to figure out the bad guy.

Nothing is ever said about bringing the lynch mob to justice.

Despite it’s pedestrian script, I enjoyed it. The music by Piero Umiliani was pretty decent.

The Owl – Bob Forward


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22743444Once again, Brash Books has given new life to a book, two actually, with which I was entirely unfamiliar. Thank goodness.

Alexander L’Hiboux is a most unusual man. He lives off the grid. No home. No car. Not even a driver’s license. He’s for hire if you can afford him. He goes after people the law can’t touch. Tough, uncompromising, once he gets on your tail, it can only end one way. Someone dies.

He’s known only as The Owl, a man with a deadly reputation, one he works hard to maintain.

The nickname comes from one thing: L’Hiboux suffers from insomnalence. He never sleeps. When he gets tired, he sits and rests. When he’s refreshed, he moves on.

Though he has an office, he never visits, speaking by phone to Danielle Santerre by phone, using a series of coded phrases to establish safety. He’s only seen Danny in person a few times in four years.

He’s hired by a man whose twenty year old daughter, a beauty destined for modeling, had had a blow torch taken to her face and hands. Father wanted them dead.

The Owl takes the job, even though someone is trying to kill him at the same time.

Apparently the Owl’s reputation needs a bit more toughening.

Can’t wait for the second Owl novel.

Goes on sale September 2nd.


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