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16137353I’ve been a fan of The Destroyer going all the way back to the beginning, in the late 1960s. I’ve not missed a single book, even that disastrous dozen or so at the end of the Gold Eagle run before Warren Murphy took back his characters and which are disowned by the authors, not now considered canon.

In this new publishing world, Remo and Chiun have begun appearing in a series of novellas, nice compact stories that are quick and enjoyable reads. I was lucky enough to snag this, a printed copy of the ebook only tale, for review purposes.

In NUMBER TWO, accidents have suddenly begun happening around the Vice President. Food poisoning when someone eats food intended for him, minor stuff like that.

Things get serious when an eager beaver intern, an eighteen year old on his first day on the job, rushes into the VP’s bathroom to get his suit jacket and skids on soapy water on the floor, cracking his head, later dying of a serious concussion.

Smith is worried. Things hadn’t gone well with the current President and he’d cut off ties with him. A new election was coming up and things just seemed a bit to coincidental to the aged leader of CURE. He still believes in his mandate to protect the Constitution by all means. He sends Chiun in to guard the VP and Remo to find out who’s staging these “accidents” before one of them succeeds.

One of the things I always loved about this adventure series was the satirical humor that poked fun at whoever happened to be the current big thing, whether it be show business people, politicians, business, or religion. No one was sacred and most of them deserved the lampooning that came their way.

NUMBER TWO carries on that tradition nicely and I was quite pleased with it. Remo and Chiun are in good hands. Number Two can be ordered here.