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final_branhmas_due_cover-624x1024Richard Prosch is a Nebraskan native and sets his stories in that state, both westerns and those with modern settings. He has a nice style that pulls one into the story.

Here, Deputy Whit Branham goes after a killer and horse thief, Johann Kramer. He knows where Kramer is hiding and goes with his Stevens 10-gauge to get him.

From that simple premise, Richard spins a tale with a twist here and there, a bit of humor, and a satisfying story. It can be ordered HERE.

Richard Prosch brings us his second story of Whit Branham. deputy in Holt County, Nebraska.final_holt_county_law-624x1024

Just a year before, Sheriff Kearns had been killed and one of the men involved, Billy Wade who’d grabbed the Sheriff’s gun arm, was inexplicably let go at the trial.

Now Whit is thinking of moving on. The new Sheriff rubs him the wrong way and he’s uncomfortable with everything.

In this tale, he gets his chance to right a wrong when horse thieves strike and murder is committed. Throw in a young woman, a reporter, with just enough education to think she knows everything and naive enough to believe she can go safely where she wants because she thinks so.

Another winning western from Richard, can be ordered HERE, and I look forward to the next Whit tale.