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Another fictional look at an oft neglected part of WWII. It’s the latter stagesCodenameP of the war and Copenhagen is the scene of last minute machinations. Sabotage Group BB has been decimated(THE INFORMER). The BB in the name, one of the founders, has left for Sweden.

Two members left, Jens and G, both code names, try to keep things together. When Jens, with a green member, blasts a secret Gestapo enclave in a small hotel, things go bad. The new man freezes at the wrong time, gets Jens a slight wound, and is captured. A man easily manipulated.

The attack turns out to a mistake and unleashes a firestorm. Jens is being hunted. And not just by Nazis.

Once again, Danish author Steen Langstrup has crafted an interesting tale set against World War II.

A fine novel and available HERE..