holt_county_justice_coverDeputy Sheriff Whit Branham is in the western part of the state. A new county is being organized, but until that’s done, he’s the only law for that area. He’s been called to cut down a body lynched by a vigilante committee, the third time in recent months.

This time it’s a woman, the widow Slocum, a so-called psychic that folks went to for their fortune telling.

Branham is also babysitting, shepherding a judge’s nephew who’s local constable, the planned sheriff for the new county.

There’s also a secret about this whole lynching mess that someone wants kept secret, willing to kill to preserve it. Branham is on a tightrope as he tries to clear it up and stay alive.

Another fine tale of Richard’s native Nebraska, the latest addition to his impressive body of work.Can be ordered HERE.