Gianni Garko returns to the role of Sartana in the fourth film of the series,10967390_det again the enigmatic gunslinger dressed in black with the fanciful weapons.

He witnesses a massacre and our hero takes it upon himself to do an investigation. It seems most of the small town of Indian Creek wants to buy up the property of the victims. It all looks rather strange to Sartana. One of those buyers could be the driving force behind the killings. Even the sheriff himself is not above suspicion. One thing I’ve noticed in most, though not all spaghettis, the law is usually as crooked as the criminals.

Sartana is left to uncover the culprits responsible, and why, all on his own.

7c7a88595065b9d9c3ef926acc650779_jpg_290x478_upscale_q90It all starts to make sense when an old prospector named Joe Benson(Attilio Dottesio) is killed and several people try to get their hands on his land. Nuggets of gold found in the old man’s burnt down shack suggest that he may have hit the mother lode. A crooked banker and a Chinese saloon owner each will try to convince Benson’s niece, Abigail(Daniela Giordano), the old man’s only heir that the property is nothing more than acres of sand and therefore worth nothing. Sartana, Though as usual, Looks out for himself first of all decides to help the girl. Doing that involves playing everyone off against each other.

There are enough twists and turns to keep things adequately interesting andsartana_will_pay_poster_02 move the plot, with the requisite violence and action coming.

The excellent script is by Roberto Gianviti and Giovanni Simonelli and the direction is again by Giuliano Carnimeo, billed as Anthony Ascott.

A fine entry in the series.