25124574The black man’s role in the old west has always fascinated me. It’s received short shrift in history, though western fiction has been a bit more honest in portrayals.

Cole Winters, one of the first African-American lawman of the Old West, is the hero of this book. Raised by Native Americans, Winters was hired by the U.S. Marshals Service to track down and bring back outlaws in the Indian Territories.

Winters, when his gun fighter brother, Joseph Two Guns, late of the Buffalo Bill show, becomes wanted for a crime he did not commit, merely defending himself, Winters does what only he can do. He hunts him down. To save his life.

Course Winters has a price on his head from killing the murderers of his wife and son. She was Joseph Two Guns’ sister. The man he killed was a rich man’s son. He’s being pursued even as he’s trying to get Joseph to safety.

Not to mention Jessie, the young woman trying to get home and rescue little sister from an indifferent father.

Together the trio has a lot to deal with to get things done.

A fine new novel, first in a new series.