22715922As a young man discovering my love for reading, my mania, I read a lot of cozies, going mostly through Christie and other European writers. Later on I got away from them as I discovered so many other worlds worth pursuing.

The Trash’n’Treasures series has brought me back around to the pleasures of such a genre. The husband and wife team of Max Allan Collins and Barbara give us books full of mystery and humor and a writing style that envelops the reader in the tale at hand.

Vivian and Brandy Borne are mother and daughter, dealers in antiques and amateur detectives. Well mostly Vivian. Brandy certainly does her part, but mostly goes along trying to keep Mother out of trouble. The pair had just finished shooting a pilot for a reality show on antiques and were awaiting word on it’s possible sale.

Before the case is over, another murder happens, Mother is attacked and left with a head injury, and the pair help snag the killer.

Had a lot of fun with this one.
Here we have a rich woman murdered, head smashed, and Brandy had happened to be in an argument earlier in the day. Hubby was an old friend and wife had caught them eating fried butter behind a tent at the swap meet.