1: The Sweet and The Dead – Milton T. Burton: Burton’s new to me. I read so musch about him after his death that I felt the need to try them out. Hate that something like that made me aware of him.

2: The Rogues’ Game – Milton T. Burton

3: Nights of The Red Moon – Milton T. Burton

4: Empire State(ARC) – Adam Christopher: a PI/superhero/steampunk mix. I’m reading it now and having a good time. Comes out tomorrow(Tuesday).

5: Defending Jacob(ARC) – William Landay: assistant D.A Andy barber defends his fourteen year old son of the murder of a fellow student. The boy insists he’s innocent and as a father, he must believe him.

6: The Dead Walked: Outbreak(ebook) – Vincent Stark: Gary Dobbs of course. I read this one and liked it, not the greatest zombie fan am I.

7: The Dead Man: The Beast Within(ebook) – James Daniels: seventh book in the living dead man series. I liked this one.

8: Blind Traveler Down A Dark River(ebook) – Robert P. Bennett: the first novel to feature blind Douglas Abledan. I enjoyed the second book and picked this one up.

9: Hurt Machine(ebook) Reed Farrell Coleman: never read Coleman before and this looked interesting.

10: One Horse Open Slay(ebook) – James Mullaney: I suspect there may be a bit of humor in this one, though I could be wrong. PI Crag Banyon turns down an elf on a stolen reindeer proclaiming foul play at the North Pole and the elf turns up dead the next day. Naturally Banyon is a suspect.