1: Blind Spot – Reed Farrell Coleman: latest ib the Robert B. Parker’s Jesse Stone

2: Silhouette of Virtue(review copy – Jay Richard: It’s 1973. America is in the throes of Watergate, Vietnam, and increasingly heated racial tensions. A small college town in Southern Illinois is terrorized by a spree of sadistic sexual assaults against young Asian women, purportedly by a black man seeking payback for America’s betrayal in Vietnam.
Acting more on suspicion than evidence, the all-white police force arrests a black theater instructor and Vietnam vet. His only African American colleague, philosophy professor Nathan “Ribs” Rivers, finds himself in the unlikely position of leading a coalition of student and faculty groups advocating for a fair trial, despite his own doubts about the suspect’s innocence.

3: Stand Your Ground – William W. Johnstone with J. A. Johnstone: After the President closes Guantanamo Bay to hold civilian trials for the terrorists, some of them are relocated to Hell’s Gate Prison in West Texas. Until a group of fanatical sleeper-cell shock troops launch an all-out assault to “liberate” their jailed comrades. There’s just one problem: they don’t know that Army Ranger Lucas Kincaid is working at Hell’s Gate.

4: SuperFang(review copy) – Kevin Woram: amusing short tale of a bulldog terrier that acquires superpowers from eating a golden mushroom.

5: The Adventures of An Arkansawyer – Charles Gramlich: A memoir where Charles reflects on incidents in his lefe, some amusing, others reflective.

6: Again, Honorable Whoredom At A Penny A Word – Harlan Ellison: another collection of some the author’s best early work.

7: Vic and Blood – Harlan Ellison: three tales, one the author’s award winning A Boy and His Dog, parts of his larger in progress novel.

8: Dark Spies(ARC) – Matthew Dunn: the fourth volume in the Will Cochrane spy series where our hero is being hunted by the world with a shoot to kill order, all because he violated an order to let a fellow agent not be killed by a Russian hit crew.

and the ebooks:

9: Run From Nightmare – Maxine O’Callaghan

10: Bad News and Trouble – Maxine O’Callaghan: Before Kinsey Millhone, Sharon McCone and V.I. Warshawski, there was Delilah West, the sensitive, gutsy and resourceful private eye who shattered the boundaries of mystery fiction…starting with the ground-breaking short stories in this collection.

11: Music For The Dead(review copy) – Luis Gutierrez Maluenda: 1940s New York, jazz clubs, and Mike winowsky, a tough, cynical private eye with a love for the music and bourbon.

12: The Cost of Doing Business(review copy) – Jonathan Ashley: Jon Catlett, a misanthropic literary obsessive, is facing the loss of the only thing in the world he loves; his used bookstore, a haven for fellow weirdos, outcasts, misunderstood geniuses and malcontents. Jon has several other problems, the least of which are his love affair with a bi-polar femme fatale heiress to a thriving northern steel company or the exponentially growing opiate habit he has developed. When Jon, during a deal gone wrong, accidentally kills a fellow drug addict, getting away with murder turns out to be the least of his worries. The steps he and Paul, the obsessive-compulsive manager of Jon’s store, must take to cover up the killing result in the two cornering Louisville’s blossoming heroin trade.

13: Counterspy – Matthew Dunn: a novella in the Will Cochrane series. MI6 agent Will Cochrane is living in Washington, D.C. when a dangerous terrorist, codenamed Trapper, escapes from a top secret CIA military base. Trapper comes after Will—saying he is the one who killed his leader—but Will knows there has to be more to this story. Will gets close enough to shut the man down, but when he does, that act opens the door to yet another, much more dangerous surprise . . .