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There’s a number of versions of DEATH ON HIGH MOUNTAIN posted ondownload (2) Youtube. Varying lengths from an hour and twenty-three minutes to one hour and forty seven minutes. U.S. releases in the spaghetti genre tended to trim the original Italian versions probably to squeeze more showings per day in American theaters. The one I watched was apparently a partially restored version with a whole section at the end in Italian. I’ve seen it before. Restored scenes were never dubbed in English. The point at the end where the Italian clip begins was a break point. With the exclusion of the last scene, the ending was slightly changed. But not by much, The plot here is a hunt for three hundred thousand in cash, stolen by a Mexican gang led by a preening bandit, the self styled General Valente(Tano Cimarosa), wearing a preposterous, gold epaulet on the shoulders, jacket laden with medals. The man145px-La_morte_sull'alta_collina_poster3 really behind the gang is a local businessman named Braddock(Antonio Gradoli). The money is then stolen by a young man of the area, Loring Vandervelt(Peter Lee Lawrence). There’s a mysterious stranger in town, Francis Parker(Luis Dávila, billed as Louis Dawson) that helps the young man and his sister Daphne(Agnès Spaak) out now and again, other times seeming to work at cross purposes. It’s not to much a plot heavy film, filmed with the obligatory saloon brawl thatdownload runs over long, inappropriate comedy bits with accompanying goofy music, way to many scenes seemingly thrown in just to get some action . Not one of the finer films in the genre. Fernando Cerchio(billed asFred Ringold directed this one from a script by Lorenzo Gicca Palli(dialogue and story) (as Enzo Gicca Palli), with screenplay by José Mallorquí (as José Mallorquí Figueroa) and Eduardo Manzanos Brochero. A middling example of the genre. The clip below is thr film version I watched and actually carried the Spanish title, the poster below the clip/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Qk3TnAA3Vk Sin aliento