When I needed something to wash the taste of a bad book out of my mind, I decided to give this one a try. Richard Robinson at The Broken Bullhorn recommended it one Friday on Patti Abbott’s Forgotten Books and I picked it up. As often happens with folks like us, with new books entering the house on a regular basis, it got sidetracked on my TBR pile. Since I really needed a mind scrub, this one got moved to the head of the line.

Richard does an eloquent job of describing the book, much better than I could, and you should read his review.

My thoughts seem similar to a lot of others. A Ray Bradbury feel with a small town where odd things happen one night. Never read any of Millhauser’s work before. A Pulitzer Prize winner no less. I want to say I will have to look up more of his books, but one glance at the daunting pile of tales waiting their turn makes that unlikely. (sigh) The eternal problem of a reader.

One final note: I was amused to note on the back cover, upper left, the words Fiction/Literature. Can’t even call it a fantasy.