This is the story of how Christmas almost didn’t come off one year.

The holidays weren’t the same for Santa anymore. He didn’t work with his elves all year long planning santa-shadow-coverand making toes to be delivered that one magical night. The world had grown to large, the kids mostly too naughty.

These days Santa was mostly a delivery boy, the main job taken over by a faceless giant corporation. The elves were retired and he was kept on only because no one could figure out how he managed to deliver billions of presents to a billion children over one night.

Inevitably, Santa grew tired. He was found strumming his guitar in his underwear and singing the blues instead of making ready for Christmas Eve.

Nothing could persuade him. Mrs. Claus was brought from retirement in Florida. that din’t work. Boss of the huge faceless corporation couldn’t do it and was resigned to losing the lucrative Christmas franchise to either Disney or China.

Our little story here tells what saved the day, or night rather.

A cute little story with more than a disturbing truth about what Christmas has become.