1: Shootout At Picture Rock – Joseph A. West: recommended by James Reasoner. The author commented that it had begun life as the seventh novel in his Gunsmoke series and when an agreement couldn’t be reached, he rewrote it to be a standalone. Very good.

2: Storm Surge(ebook) – J. D. Rhoades: author of the Jack Keller bail bondsman series and Breaking Cover, a standalone. It’s Mr. Rhoades first ebook. Very good as well and reasonably priced.

3: Masterson(ebook) – Richard S. Wheeler: ebook release of one of the author’s better historical novels.

4: Under The Andes(ebook) – Rex Stout: by the creator of Nero Wolfe, though not a Wolfe novel.

5: The Nymph and The Satyr(ebook) – Larry Maddock: a humorous romantic fantasy tale. Two anthropologists meet, hate at first sight. Both touch a Polynesian idol at the same time and every time one is making love to someone, their minds switch bodies. Available only as an ebook.

6: Edge: The Loner(ebook) – George G. Gilman: ebook release of the first book of the western series by English author Gilman that was a sensation in the mid-seventies and on for sixty-one books.

7 & 8: The Unincorporated Man & The Unincorporated War – dani kollin & eytan kollin: SF reminiscent of Heinlein the blurbs read. The first book one the Prometheus Award for best novel of the year.

9: The Reformed Gun – Marvin Albert: recommended by Bill Crider. I was already an Albert fan. His review of this one made me track it down.