On my Forgotten Books post Thursday, Evan Lewis asked how Jonny Lang’s music was these days. A young man who recorded the album of the post when he was just fifteen, being in a band had exposed him to a lifestyle of drugs and alcohol, already smoking cigarettes since he was eleven. It had aged his voice a bit, not hurting it mind you, but sounding much older.

Then he went through a dark period, called the Five Silent Years, where nothing new was done. He found religion, and for a time considered being a preacher, before realizing where his true gifts lay. Not meaning to slight religion, but a wise choice.

Jonny conquered his personal demons and emerged with a new album in 2003, another in 2006, then a live set in 2009. While I don’t have those releases, what I have heard is decidedly different from what he did before. A number of ballads, as well as a bluesy sound.